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5 Tips For Writing A Nonprofit Resume

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5 Tips For Writing A Nonprofit Resume

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Think about what you did in your previous employment or educational history. Are the terms on your resume adequately describing your job? Are the words popping off of the page to spark increased interest? To practice this, read your resume sections out loud.

These statements reference the task itself but also the personal achievements you brought to that task. The personal touch is important. Although those hiring for the private sector might not be interested in volunteer work, the nonprofit world wants to see how you connect to your community. Most people working for nonprofits are committing themselves highly to the cause. For example, listing volunteer work and how you are giving of your time are ways to stand out from the crowd. Non-profits are vastly different from one another in many ways, but the one thing they all share is a need to do more with less.

Most are strapped for cash, and even the organizations with lots of money, like the Gates Foundation, require their projects to run on tight budgets in order to make sure that most of the money goes towards making an impact. So your resume should highlight times when you have achieved results while keeping costs low, or come up with creative low-cost solutions that have increased sales, or improved productivity or cut costs. Usually I advise people to keep their resume very focused on a narrow set of skills, but non-profit resumes are a little different.

So if you have a variety of skills, make sure you say that. For example, if everyone in your office comes to you for computer help, mention that fact. Or if you know how to design flyers and brochures even though you work in accounting, put it in your resume. One of those could be exactly the skill your target employer is looking for in addition to your core functions. The best non-profit resumes strike a perfect balance between passionate idealism and a strong focus on results.

Louise co-founded Blue Sky in after a career as an HR executive in industries such as music, video games, fashion and advertising. Louise is a word nerd at heart and loves to write. You can still build a resume that contains a substantial amount of information that will persuade employers to hire you. Depending on your profession your resume template should represent the industry accordingly. Making the mistake of using a wrong template can cost you an interview.

Even though volunteers are in short supply, these non profits and organizations depend on their volunteers to produce, and so they are looking for people with a passion, experience, intelligence, and the ability to put their energy into helping others. Volunteering looks great on a resume , but before you get there, you have to create a resume yourself. However, if you have any achievements or experience within these jobs that could be relevant to the volunteer experience, make sure you mention it.

As much as certain organizations may need help, they also want to maintain a positive image of them in the public.

Tips for Volunteer Resumes

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To help you craft a resume, here are six good examples prepared for an application for a senior nonprofit role. These real-world samples, with identifying information removed, illustrate a range of approaches used to represent work experience and qualifications. Your resume often will be the first.

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There is no single correct way to write or format a resume for the nonprofit sector, but the following tips, questions, and examples can help you create one that is both true to your experience and accessible and appealing to hiring managers at nonprofit .

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Nonprofit Resume Tips Kim Isaacs, Monster Resume Expert Just as there’s no one right way to develop a resume for the for-profit sector, resumes for nonprofit jobs are also dependent on the target job and organization. 5 Tips For Writing A Nonprofit Resume. Here are five tips for writing a nonprofit resume that can help you be confident and get hired: 1. Research The Job And Organization. First, Don’t submit a generic resume and cover letter — they will get passed over extremely quickly. Instead, prepare yourself to know as much as possible about the.

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If you think nonprofits aren’t hiring in this economy, you’re mistaken. Learn how you can position your resume to attract nonprofit employers. Skip to main content Search Career Advice. Search. an initiative of the Bridgespan Group, provides nonprofit management content and tools designed to help nonprofit organizations build strong. Secrets of Resume Writing for Non-Profits Written by Louise Fletcher. Tweet it! Your resume must show non-profit managers or Boards that you care about what you do – that you are driven by a passion for their mission. Resume Help. We’ve put together lots of free resources to help you in your job search.