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polymers homework help

The word polymers are taken from the Greek word where poly means many and mero means parts. So we can say that polymers mean a molecule which have many parts. In other words polymers can also be defined as the substances where their molecules are having high molar assessments and large number of repeating units.

Polymers naturally occur in synthetic polymers. When a large number of molecules which are known as monomers joint frequently in a chain form then polymers will form. Depending upon the chemistry characteristics and reactions polymers are classified into two types.

They are addition polymer and condensation polymer. If a polymer contains carbon then it is known as organic polymer. We can find out the hydrogen as the most common element in all the polymers. There are two common reactions that are used in in polymers are addition reactions and condensation reactions. The first one is polyethylene terephthalate. It is actually a condensation polymer which is produced from monomers ethylene glycol which is a dialcohol and dimethyl terephthalate which is a disaster.

Polyethylene terephthalate in the short form is known as PETE. The second one is polyethylene. It is one of the simplest polymer. When addition polymerization of ethylene is done polyethylene is produced.

The characteristics of polyethylene depends upon the process in which ethylene is polymerized. Third one is polyvinyl chloride. When we polymerized vinyl chloride it will produce polymer which is similar to polyethylene. Polyvinyl chloride in the short form can be called as PVC. PVC is mostly used in the manufacturing on pipes. The fourth one is polystyrene. The structure of the polystyrene is similar to polypropylene. The polystyrene is most used in packaging of goods.

The fifth one is polytetrafluoroethylene. In short form polytetrafluoroethylene is known as PTFE. It is a trade name of Teflon. PTEF maintains a large physical temperature of degrees to degrees. This special feature of PTEF helps it to use this polymer in high heat conditions. It is used in coating on cooking utensils. Sixth one is that of polyurethane. This is formed from the polymerization of diisocyanate anddialcohal.

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Polymers Homework Help Polymer engineering is a branch of engineering that design, analyzes, or modifies polymer materials. It covers aspects of polymerization, structure and categorization of polymers, petrochemical engineering, and description of polymers.

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Polymer Homework Help. polymer homework help Learn Polymer Chemistry or Get Polymer Chemistry Assignment Help, Polymer Chemistry Homework Help at Online College Homework Help by AssignmentPedia is pioneer in providing services to the students who are looking for assignment and homework help. The term polymer is a composite of the Greek words poly and meros, meaning “many parts.” Polymers are large molecules made of small, repeating molecular building blocks called monomers. The process by which monomers link together to form a molecule of a relatively high molecular mass is known as pizzarooni.tkrs make up many of the materials in living organisms.

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