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Logic Questions and Answers


❶This will fulfill the "Ask for Homework Help" want, and will allow them to do. Logical thinking is the ability for a person to make calculations, reasoned arguments, and operations which can be applied to a number of practices and phenomena in everyday experience.

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Continue reading to know more about this subject and what sort of problems do students generally face in this subject after which we will highlight the reasons for you to consider us. What is logic design and why is this subject considered important? Each and every computer understands just 2 digits: Actually, logic design is nothing but basic organization of circuitry of computers.

The computers perform calculations with the help of logic gates. You can connect these logic gates together sequentially or in parallel and construct a device that can perform basic arithmetic functions. These logic gates receive input signal and then change it to an output signal after processing it. Logic can do very little for us in this debate.

This is because most of the major issues in this debate have to do with things that cannot be proven right or wrong through logic. There are two aspects to determining whether an argument is correct. The first is called "material truth" and the second "logical validity". A statement is materially true if it corresponds with What kinds of questions and topics are not decided by logical analysis?

Because logic deals not with facts per se, but relationships among propositions, it cannot be used to analyze simple assertions. For example, if you state "the moon is made of green cheese", you When one asks whether statements in the form "he said X" are facts or inferences, one is actually asking about two different statements, one being a claim that someone said a certain thing and the What is the difference between a fact and an inferences?

The main problem with trying to compare "fact" and "inference" is that it is an odd pairing. Logicians or communication theorists distinguish between "premises" and "inferences", where a premise is Match the argument below with the logical fallacy: Post hoc, ergo propter; B.

The argument that you have given us here is an example of fallacy A--the "post hoc, ergo propter hoc" fallacy. What is inductive argument? This is an inductive argument, but I need to make it stronger; I am The problems with your Analyze the following popularization of the Russell paradox: Every municipality of a certain This is a variant on what is normally framed as the paradox of the village barber who shaves all men who do not shave themselves.

The paradox has historically been used as an argument for the How does human decision-making work, and where does critical thinking fit? Decision-making, a complex mental process involving many elements—the gathering of data, the weighing of the legitimacy and validity of the information, determining if more information is needed, Explain the ethics of fallacious argumentation.

Truth in argument has two components, material truth or accuracy correspondence with some external state of affairs and formal validity correct logical relationships among parts of an argument What is meant by "worthiness" of an argument, and what are some examples? Can one say that someone who is naive or gullible lacks prudence? Prudence is the virtue of using reason and logic over emotional response.

While the word is most often connected with actions driven by lust or desire over reasonable decision-making, it can also What is a limitation of formal logic for everyday authors? The main limitation of formal logic is that it applies to matters which are either true or false, and which can be known, at least in theory, with some degree of certainty.

These are not, however, The word "induce" comes from a Latin word meaning "lead. Inductive reasoning is connected to the idea of leading because, in inductive reasoning, observations lead to conclusions. When we use inductive reasoning, we take facts that we have observed and What are some problems with this chain of reasoning?

If the soul is immortal, then thinking Chains of logic or reasoning can have two types of problems. What is an inductive argument? An inductive argument is one that starts with one specific case and tries to generalize from there.

This is in contrast to a deductive argument in which a person starts with a general rule and What is a deductive argument? Any post which offers or suggests to offer any kind of compensation e. Significant offenders will be banned. To receive homework help you must be able to substantially describe what effort you have made to solve the problem s before you asked for help.

State which logical system you are working in. Describe the issue you are having with the exercise as best you can. Where are you getting stuck?

What are you having trouble understanding? We expect you to be doing your own work. This is not in any way a place to cheat. Do not provide answers which the student could simply recopy. Our goal is to help students to create their own solutions. Attempts to provide solutions will be removed.

Ask the student to post their attempt at resolving their issue if they have not done so. They should have already made a reasonable effort to work through the problem before asking for help. Which inference rules do you have access to?

What specifically are you stuck on? A statement is a sentence that can be assigned a truth value of True or False. The truth table for this operator is:. If some condition is True, then it immediately follows that some other statement is True. This is called vacuous truth and can be a weird concept to understand at first. Maybe I do still get wet because I decide to go swimming or maybe I stay dry. If P is True, then it necessarily follows that Q is True. Consider the rain example again.

Maybe the sprinklers got me, or I went for a swim, or I took a shower, etc. Each operator has I ntroduction and E limination rules. These are ways that you can introduce or eliminate operators while doing derivations. This eliminates the negation operator. Think about why that makes sense. Suppose P is True. What I wrote above is an example of a derivation. A derivation starts with premises which are statements that are considered to be True throughout the entire derivation.

Derivations have lines numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. Only one statement is written per line. After declaring all of the premises, we then start making deductions using introduction and elimination rules.

As you can see, line 1 of the example derivation is a premise and line 2 is a deduction using the negation elimination rule. Every line of a derivation must be justified. The that you see in lines 1 and 2 is called a scope line. Really it should be one connected line without the gap between lines 1 and 2, but I think using is the best way to write scope lines on Reddit.


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