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❶Most dissertations include an original experiment or study, the abstract will also need to include a summary of its details. This is denoted by the extensive citation styles that are currently required in any official academic writing project.

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You should be glad you are reading this, because I am about to expose some of the dirtiest tricks that many essay writing companies use to lure and scam many graduate students out of their hard earned money. A PhD dissertation is a pretty big deal. It is an attractive opportunity because this type of degree can often open many doors of opportunity that are closed to those without these special certifications. Most PhD degrees are a farce however, as the system is very corrupt and true learning does not happen in these closed and rigid circumstances where committees make candidates jump through hoops in order to satiate their fragile academic egos.

There are companies out there who will provide you excellent and legitimate help, while other will break you down and laugh while they are doing it. Keep reading to stay informed and on top of this game. If you are looking for a custom Dissertation you will most likely have to pay for high quality work. A cheap Dissertation is a little bit easier to come by because when you hire dissertation writers from sub-standard companies you will receive a hot mess of literary garbage that clearly demonstrates that these people did not care one iota about you and your precious dissertation.

These folks are nothing but scam artists. To them there is no difference between an A or an F. It is all the same. Poor research, confusing language and a cold and distant customer service experience is likely to result from most essay writing companies. The trick in this case is not to care. The cold hard truth is that there are scam artists out there who are pure evil and wish the worst for all.

Some thesis writers, for example, take sneaky shortcuts. The Jittery Monks will point you in the right direction and get you back on track. I became interested in writing after my friend who is now a professor at an Ivy League school told me about his experiences with essay writing companies.

My friend is not very smart, but is very clever. He figured out long ago that a career in education would be easy street for him and he set about his goal of becoming a tenured professor. My friend was a very bad writer and he had no idea how to do any type of research. We discussed this problems several times and when he suggested to me that he may hire someone to help him on his PhD dissertation I was very curious. He said that he found someone very cheap on the internet who could do his dissertation for him no problem.

The price was very cheap and affordable for my friend and he decided to go ahead and do it. Wizard writers are all that the Jittery Monks hire. Use them and you will truly see magic. Many of these transactions go smoothly. This one, however, turned out to be a disaster. His dissertation topic was on discrimination in the work place but he received a 78 page dissertation on union labor laws.

There was something very wrong and the sinking feeling that he experienced after receiving this garbage was a harbinger of worse things to come. My friend immediately tried to contact the essay writing company and have them remedy the problem. This was a lost cause.

My buddy thought about joining in on the law suit, but determined that his bigger problem was his dissertation that was due in less than a week. The company had given him a dissertation that had been probably sold 12 times before to other students seeking dissertation products. This bait and switch method worked very well on my friend and not only did he lose all his money, but now his education career was in serious jeopardy.

Eventually my friend had to apply for an extension on his dissertation and requested to start over. The school accepted this offer but he had to pay for two more years of graduate school. It was 6 figure mistake that cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars. This bait and switch tactic is common with many writing companies. That is why it is extremely important that when searching for help with your dissertation you consider quality the most important aspect of the entire transaction.

You will always get what you pay for. Taking shortcuts can only pay off if you navigate them correctly. Communication is the most important aspect of any relationship. This includes long term, short term, professional, educational and whatever else types of relationships that you may encounter. Scam artists are masters of confusing communication. They can trick you into believing things that are not true and lie with the greatest of ease.

Most essay writing companies are playing psychological mind games with you and your education. The few legitimate essay writing companies do not take advantage of the vulnerable state that many graduate students are in when they contact them for help on their dissertation or other complex writing projects.

These con artists know when they have someone over the barrel and can take them for all they are worth. They will play head games with you and make you regret you ever came into contact with them. Communication efforts will be poor and misleading. Scam artists know that when you are in an emotional state, you cannot think clearly and become even more vulnerable. This experience is no fun.

The helplessness and impotence felt by the student is overwhelming and desperation sets in. If you are working with an essay writing company who is not communicating with you, be very careful. Many dissertation writers for hire are low grade chumps with little to say.

When you have decided to hire a dissertation writer you are putting a lot on the line. The one sure fire way to destroy your academic career before it ever got started is to get busted for plagiarism. This is a complex subject that academia must wrestle with all the time. At the heart of academic writing is the authority of other scholars who have also built their research upon the backs of other people who have come before them.

Many dissertation committees are not really looking for original thinking and research. This is denoted by the extensive citation styles that are currently required in any official academic writing project. This stifling reality of the academic world is further convoluted by the practice of plagiarism to escape this nonsense.

Most students admit to plagiarizing at some point in their academic careers. The problem seems to be getting worse. The culture is such that the ethics of plagiarism are not clear. Some may argue that it has become a very easy tactic to employ and get away with. I tend to disagree. As class sizes expand in the 21 st century, classes and assignments are becoming very standardized and identical.

Creativity is overlooked and the act of plagiarism seems to be very much aligned with the ethics of higher education in many ways. Many companies will ensure that you get caught and actually relish in that fact. Make sure that you use only the best writers in your dissertation efforts.

The dissertation is somewhat of a different story when it comes to plagiarism and research. The dissertation is designed more or less to be plagiarism-proof. This is due to several factors. Many dissertation topics are supposed to be based on a topic that is very original and there is very little known or understood about a very specific ideas usually related to a much more general and larger topic.

This makes it difficult for a student to lift ideas because there is nowhere to lift ideas from. However, many experienced researchers know that this is not really true, and it is very simple to assemble a plagiarized dissertation in many different ways. And unfortunately, many of these experienced researchers are looking to make a quick buck off an unsuspecting graduate student and give them a plagiarized piece of work that will certainly not pass any plagiarism software and even the dimmest of professors can see these efforts.

I myself have written more dissertations than I would like to admit. And if you get in touch with us , I might end up writing yours, too. It becomes a routine after a while and I will often look for ways to become more efficient without sacrificing quality. Since dissertations are usually completed in piecemeal fashion and require multiple drafts, they seem harder to plagiarize due to the continuous flow of writing that is required in this type of system that aims to measure progress and provide guidance.

Essay writing companies are very familiar with the requirement of multiple drafts for dissertation submissions and can accommodate this request. This still does not prevent them from taking all the shortcuts. Believe me, I know them all and they are quite risky. This is a great article that sums up the problems with higher education and cheating. The author argue that when widespread plagiarism is detected amongst graduate students, the system itself is often not blamed which appears to exacerbate the problem at hand.

Academic advisors and faculty members are not really that interested in academic integrity in most cases. They are often lazy and spoiled quasi-intellectuals who are nothing more than gatekeepers to an imaginary land of knowledge and wisdom. That you should make you stop and think.

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The purpose of the abstract is to give insight into your dissertation topic, the type of information your literature review will cover, your thesis, and whether you’ll be conducting an original experiment or study.5/5.

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At the level of a PhD or other graduate degree it's absolutely vital that your dissertation is written from scratch. Many so-called "writing services" actually just sell pre-written papers from a large collection. This might do at high school level, but for an advanced degree you need to be discussing original research or study. Excellent writing. A common way to .

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In order to write dissertation successfully, you need to research, study articles and other materials. Writing such research paper is not only difficult, but it can also take a lot of time. If students are not willing to sacrifice the time, they can buy ready-made paper or order it from the professional writers and get an original text. Our help with dissertation writing includes writing of any chapter, proposal writing, editing and proofreading. Once your paper is completely ready, you will be able to download it from your page. We made sure you have just the quality you are looking for. Therefore, when you buy a dissertation, you have a month of free revisions.

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Feb 04,  · There are many, many people who consider that it is in their best interest to buy a dissertation online. Thinking to themselves, “If someone could write my Dissertation I would be home free.” This is only true if you pick the right one however. You should be glad you are reading this, because I am about to expose some of the /5(31). Buy Dissertation. Writing a dissertation is one of the most complicated assignments for any student. It requires much time and energy. Moreover, the grade for this paper can influence your overall academic GPA as well as your future career.